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Best Santorini Villas can help you rent your property

We seek out owners of outstanding properties in Santorini who share our taste for luxury and who are willing to offer their properties for rent. Most of the properties in our collection are privately owned. Some owners in Santorini make their properties available for only two or three weeks per year, while others do not wish to advertise their properties publicly. Rethink Ltd locates and offers its properties with complete discretion and the strictest confidentiality.

If you own a spectacular property in Santorini, you feel that it is underutilized and would like to benefit from additional income to help cover your property’s upkeep and expenses, you might want to consider renting it through Best Santorini Villas A few weeks rental income in peak season can cover several months’ running costs.

A luxury estate is a highly personal and very valuable asset. We understand that you need absolute peace of mind when making it available to others. Best Santorin Villas is on hand throughout our clients’ stay, managing and meeting their expectations and ensuring that every single detail is taken care of. Rental agreements require the largest security deposits in the industry, while our staff looking after your property is trained professionals who minimize the prospect of damage.

Our guests are individuals who really value taking time off from their pressured lives to spend quiet days with family and friends. Usually owners of valuable properties themselves, they appreciate and respect the privilege of staying in such beautiful estates.

If you would like to learn more about how we operate and how we could work with you, please contact with us. We are very flexible in our approach; much of what we do is bespoke. We are happy to discuss the best way to do business with you. Conversely, we apply rigidly high standards when choosing villas to include in our portfolio. If you would like to consider letting your property through Best Santorini Villas, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Send a description and some photographs to sales@bestsantorinivillas.com and we shall contact you to arrange a meeting and viewing.